3 Ways to Attract Repeat Customers – 2017 Edition

You’d like to attract repeat customers, but honestly your online store has a decent cycle of new customers who visit your website and every so often, purchase a product. Everything is going smoothly. All you need to do is figure out how to get more people to visit your website and that will be the secret sauce, right? Yes and no.


Yes, an increase in visitors would indeed generate more revenues for your online store as it’s mostly just a numbers game. However, acquiring brand new customers isn’t cheap. But what if a percentage of those “new” customers where customers who have previously purchased from you before?


Those previous customers already trust your brand. They already accept your pricing range. And your store more than likely has a few products that would appeal to them. These are your ideal customers! Most of the difficult stuff has already been solved, so the only thing that is left is figuring out a way to attract these ideal customers. Here are three easy ways you can attract repeat customers.


1. Use Post-Purchase Surveys

An email that you are already sending to your customers after they purchase and that probably gets the highest open rate is more than likely the shipping notification email. Think about it, this is the email that is the most exciting from a customer’s point of view. They are anxiously awaiting that cool new product they just bought, and the shipping notification email confirms that it’s on its way to their front door.

Post-purchase survey

What a great time to find out if your customer is interested in any other products you sell! Including a link to a short post-purchase survey in this email is a win. The survey should be short and ask them if there were any particular product(s) that they want to see or buy from your store. This works especially well if your store sells products with limited availability such as vintage goods.


Now that you know what your customer wants to buy, you can email them once you have that product (or something similar) in stock. A survey like this is dead simple to get up and running in a few minutes.


2. Send A Consistent Newsletter

Don’t be afraid to actually email your mailing list, they signed up for a reason. You should of course keep your newsletter relevant to the list they signed up for. For example, if they signed up for a mailing list about vintage rugs, make sure you keep it on topic.


Assuming that your emails are interesting and relevant (and occasionally include a coupon), sooner or later one or more people on your customer mailing list will see a product and deal they cannot pass up.


Of course this can never happen if you don’t make it easy for customers to sign up for your mailing list in the first place. Every customer that purchases on your website should be asked to join your mailing list.


3. Create A Loyalty Program

What better way is there to encourage and attract repeat customers than to reward them for their ongoing loyalty to your store?


Your loyalty program does not have to be limited to your customers having to make a purchase to earn points. Consider other, more unique ways that also help your business such as:

  • Twitter Tweets
  • Facebook Likes
  • Instagram Follows
  • Referrals


The more your customers perform any actions in your loyalty program that gets them closer to a goal, the more your business wins as well.


Repeat Customers Are Your Best Customers

Once you have a steady flow of repeat customers, you’ll start to see the power of having them. You can potentially make more revenue while keeping your customer acquisition costs the same or lower.

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