5 Tools to Help SaaS Companies Boost Conversion Rates in 2017

The Best Conversion Rate Optimization Tools for SaaS Businesses

Let’s be frank. It takes 2-3 years just to get a SaaS business off the ground. So whatever you have to do to speed things along, including boosting conversion rates, you need to do it.

We’ve put together a list of tools to help you do just that. We made sure to choose tools that were current, addressed the specific problems of SaaS companies, and actually help move the needle. Let’s get to it.

Outbound.io – In a dream world someone will visit your SaaS website, click the join button, and purchase 3 minutes later in one swoop. That’s in a dream world. In reality, it will take about 2 weeks to 3 months to convert one customer, especially if your product is higher priced. And this means you’ll have to stay top-of-mind for a few months.

Think about that. You will always have to be around at the right time, for months to capture one sale. Since no human being is amazing enough to manually follow up with every sign up every 3-7 days for months, you have to automate it. This is where Outbound.io helps. Outbound.io helps you send triggered messages to specific segments of users automatically. So anytime a user joins and looks at your purchase page, but doesn’t upgrade from the freemium plan,  you can easily trigger a message to remind them to do so. Pretty cool, especially when you see your revenue and conversions grow.

Survey55 – Analytics, required. Video of users using your tool, amazing. Qualitative data about how your customers really feel about your product, solid gold. To be honest, if you aren’t picking up the phone and speaking to every single sign up and customer (which isn’t is the worst idea for early SaaS startups) then you’ll really never know what it will take to get your product or website to grow.

That’s where online surveys come in. They are simple (if you choose the right tool – you know, something like Survey55) and keep you swimming in more customer feedback that you ever asked for. You can use that customer feedback to help you create copy that converts better on your website, help you find customers that are more likely to give positive reviews, and even learn which features you should build or at least focus on when speaking to prospects. You can’t improve conversions without a solid customer feedback online survey tool like Survey55 on your website.

Leadformly – SaaS companies use forms like car washes use water.  They seem like they’re on every page doing all sorts of things. There are tons of generic form tools you could use to add forms to your website, but since SaaS companies are all about those conversions (right?!) we need a form tool that is optimized for conversions – and that’s Leadformly. Leadformly is probably the easiest way to add a form to your website that drives conversions.

You design it, embed it, and watch your form analytics roll in. It integrates with all your favorite CRMs so you can automatically sync your data, so there’s no reason to have forms that don’t help you drive conversions.

Formisimo – Only 2% of your website visitors will convert into a qualified lead (if you’re lucky). So you’re usually building and optimizing landing pages with forms to improve visitor-lead conversion rates. Since you already have a great tool to build forms, you need a great tool to track your form analytics. Meet Formisimo. Formisimo gives you form insights that are hard to get using other general analytics tools. With Formisimo, you can finally see exactly where people drop off in your forms, create form a/b tests, and even track the conversion rate of each form.

Clickmeter – Many SaaS companies spend their time marketing across different channels. Sometimes you leave a comment on a popular blog that surprisingly brings 10 highly qualified visitors per day and other times you write a guest post on a blog that brings dozens of qualified leads per day. Either way, if you want to improve conversions you have to track the performance of those links.

And Clickmeter helps you track these links in one clean dashboard. With Clickmeter you can see each links’ performance, landing page, and more in one place. So there’s no more guessing or digging through Google Analytics Reports to see which link is bringing the most quality traffic, you just look at your Clickmeter dashboard, improve, rinse and repeat.

So there you have it, that’s 5 really awesome conversion optimization tools to help you boost your SaaS conversions. Of course none of them will be the silver bullet that scales your SaaS company 20x month-over-month (if so, please email me so I can double down on that tool), but they may just help you meet your paid sign up goals next week 😉

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