7 Easy Ways to Get Feedback From Customers

Getting customer feedback isn’t hard. But getting that valuable customer feedback easily is tricky.

Learn seven easy tricks to get your customers to give feedback about your brand.

Get feedback about your website with website surveys.

There is so much your website visitors are thinking about your website when they use it. Find a way to get those website visitors to share just a few of their thoughts with website surveys.

Quality website surveys not only make it easy for website visitors to leave feedback, good website surveys make sharing feedback enjoyable. There are a few tricks to making a good website survey (and we share those tricks here), but just getting a feedback website survey live on your site is a great start.

Get customer feedback with emails.

Email is probably the easiest way we have to talk to our customers. But to be frank, more companies are sending more emails everyday, so it’s hard to capture and keep your customers attention.

This is especially true if you’re trying to email a customer feedback survey. Since there’s not much incentive for you customer to stop what they’re doing and take a survey that mostly helps you, you have to make sure your email captures their attention.

Get feedback from live chat.

Another easy way to get feedback from your customers is with live chat. The questions and conversations customers and potential customers have with your customer service team holds a treasure-trove of customer feedback.

Get feedback with post-purchase surveys.

When is the best time to ask customers about their buying experience on your website?

Right after they buy something on your website of course!

If you want quality feedback on how your customers feel about the buying experience on your website, direct your customers to a post-purchase survey the moment they complete a transaction. They haven’t had time to forget about their experience, they are still interested in your company right now, and if done correctly it can feel like a natural part of the purchase process.

Get customer feedback with phone calls.

The power of talking with customers has been proven. So why not reach out by phone to get feedback from your customers. You don’t even have to call every customer. Just start with 5 customers and you’ll be surprised at the amount of customer feedback you get from that phone call.

Also, if you can, ask permission to record the phone call so you can gather all the customer feedback you need without worrying about taking notes. You want to keep this an open, free-flowing dialogue to get all the feedback you need.

Get customer feedback with text messages.

Everyone’s texting. That’s clear. So why not keep an open dialogue with your customers by text message?

It’s quick for both you and the customer and if done correctly, it can be a huge win for gathering customer feedback.

And to ensure giving feedback is easy for your customers, link to an easy-to-use mobile survey since customers are already on their phones. Using a mobile survey is probably the quickest way for your customers go give you feedback on their phone.

Just make sure you stay legal. Get permission from your customers to text them.

Get customer feedback from online reviews.

Let’s be frank, most of your customers won’t directly send you feedback. That’s why you have to scour the internet to find it online. Think about all the Yelp reviews, tweets, and Facebook posts that go on about brands online without their involvement.

There are tons of feedback in these public forums and it’s great way to see what’s really on your customers mind.

And if you go the extra mile to follow up with the customers that left feedback, you’ll be surprised at the amazing feedback and huge customer service win you can get.

So there you have it, that’s 7 ways to get feedback from your customers. If you want to start getting feedback from your customers, make sure to create a customer feedback survey. It takes 1 click to get a customer feedback survey live and to your customers in 55 seconds.

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