Conversion Rate Calculator For Ecommerce

What is the conversion rate of your online store? Find out the the conversion rate of your eCommerce store.

Is it that important to care about your conversion rate? The simple answer is YES!  Sure there are plenty of other numbers that are important to your eCommerce business such as the customer acquisition cost, average ticket price, and cart abandonment rate. However, the conversion rate is what tells you if your customer experience and marketing efforts are actually paying off.

What is the average eCommerce conversion rate?

The average conversion rate is typically around 2-3% for eCommerce. So that means for every 100 people that visit your online store, about two or three people should purchase an item.

What is a good eCommerce conversion rate?

Anything above 2.50% for an eCommerce store is a good conversion rate. But eCommerce conversion rates vary wildly by industry, device, and average order value.

If 2.50-3% sounds like a high number to you, you’re not alone. However, a large number of eCommerce websites have conversion rates that are low, many of which probably have no idea what their actual conversion rate is.

How to Improve your eCommerce conversion rate?

Getting customer feedback is an important step, which you should already be doing, in identifying trouble spots in your customer flow. But in order to know how much you need to improve, you first need to actually know your conversion rate.

We’ve built a quick and easy calculator for you to calculate your eCommerce conversion rate.

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