Conversion Rate Optimization Guide: How to Calculate Conversion Rate?

How To Calculate Conversion Rate?

A key step in conversion rate optimization is understanding how to calculate your conversion rate. Btw, if you haven’t done so already, check out the previous chapter that explains what a conversion rate is.

The conversion rate formula is rather simple. Let’s assume you wanted the conversion rate of visitors who sign up on your website:
(number of conversions / number of visitors) * 100 = conversion rate

But that’s boring. How about an interactive conversion rate calculator to help…

What’s Your Conversion Rate? Use this simple calculator to find out your conversion rate.

Now that you know what your conversion is, you’re ready to begin optimizing your conversion rate!


  • You should have multiple conversion points in your customer flow that you track. For Example: ad click –> visitor; visitor –> free trial; free trial –> paid customer.
  • The conversion rate of each of these points should be known and tracked.

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