Conversion Rate Optimization Guide: Using Customer Feedback

Using Customer Feedback

The next important step in conversion rate optimization is gathering customer feedback. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense!

What better way is there to know exactly why your customers love or hate your business than to simply ask? Aside from mind reading, direct customer feedback is as good as it gets.


What do you ask your customers?

The question(s) that you should ask your customers should revolve around the conversion you desire your customer to take.

For example, you may want new users of your app to sign up and actually start using your app. In this scenario your questions could be about their onboarding experience.

There are a few survey templates that you can use to match your particular scenario as well, but the more granular you can be, the better.

When do you ask for customer feedback?

The next logical question is when should you ask for customer feedback. Well this is going to depend greatly on your app, website, feature, etc on which you want customer feedback.

If this is a mobile game, the last thing you want to do is interrupt a user’s gameplay to ask for feedback. You’ll most certainly get negative responses!

The same goes for an eCommerce website. You wouldn’t want to ask for feedback immediately before they checkout. Nothing should interrupt the flow when someone is ready to purchase!

alarm clock

Okay, so what’s the answer?! If you desperately want an answer then here is a general one: Ask for customer feedback at the point in which the customer has completed the task you’re requesting feedback about.

So in our mobile game example, maybe a good time to ask for feedback is when a user completed a level and is navigating around through some of the menus and settings. And with our eCommerce example, perhaps on the receipt page or email is a great time to ask for feedback.

Ideally, you want to ensure that the customer has a complete experience before requesting feedback on said experience.

Happy customer

We got the feedback, now what?

This is where the fun starts! This is the point in which you sift through the survey responses and identify potential pain points in your conversion flow.

If your questions were multiple choice, you could probably easily crunch the exported survey data in a spreadsheet to analyze the results.

If your open-ended questions were specific enough, you could even determine positive or negative sentiment from those survey results.

Once you understand your customers’ behavior and reasons behind their behavior, then you’re ready to make the necessary adjustments to your website, product, or service. But don’t change too much at one time!

A big part of conversion rate optimization is measurement. And the easiest way to, well, measure your measurements is to keep the changes small. This helps to keep things manageable.


  • Ask for customer feedback after your customer completes or utilizes the very feature or step in the process that you want feedback about.
  • Keep the changes small in order to keep your conversion rate optimization measurements manageable.

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