Conversion Rate Optimization Guide: What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

The first step in practicing or improving conversion rate optimization is to actually know what it is.

We’ll dedicate this entire section to explaining what conversion rate optimization is so that you have a solid foundation.


But what’s a conversion rate?

We will explain what a conversion is first. You typically want visitors on your website to perform a desired action like creating an account or joining your mailing list. When a visitor actually does one of these actions, that’s a conversion.

The percentage of visitors who perform these actions out of the total number of visitors is called the conversion rate.

For example, if 10 of the 20 visitors to your website create an account, your conversion rate is 50%.


Conversion rate optimization is…

Conversion rate optimization is taking your conversion rate and making it better! Okay, well it’s not that simple.

Specifically, conversion rate optimization is the practice of gathering and understanding insights in order to make improvements to your website or product with the ultimate goal of increasing the number of conversions.

The important thing to note is that these website or product changes should be based on real data such as user feedback or analytics.

Making website or product changes can be time consuming or expensive. That is why you must base these changes on real data to ensure that they make a positive impact.


  • Identify the goals you desire for your website visitors that are tied to the growth of your business. This should help in understanding the important conversions you should care about.
  • Calculate your current conversion rate to know where you stand. Here is a conversion rate calculator.
  • Use real data from analytics and user feedback surveys to design your conversion rate optimization plan.

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